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ECE Conducting Course
23rd – 30th July 2017
A course for advanced and intermediate conducting students.

Gain generous ‘podium’ time, performance experience and tuition from Paul Spicer and other acclaimed tutors.

ECE Conducting Students – Application

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Please complete this application, which requires you to upload a CV. You will also be asked to include a link to a YouTube video showing 5 – 7 minutes of you conducting in rehearsal and/or performance, but it should also demonstrate your singing ability (this can be done by demonstration to the choir in the course of rehearsal).

If you wish to apply for the Keyboard Scholarship, please also include evidence of your keyboard ability in both your CV and YouTube video.

If you prefer, you may download a postal application form
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Email: *
Phone: *
(if not British)
Voice: *
Voice details: *
Please give some details about your range, including where you are comfortable and where you can sing beyond that, if needed
For which you would like to be considered? Advanced Conducting Scholar
Conducting Student
Keyboard Scholar
Upload your CV: *
PDF or Word format
YouTube video: *
showing 5 – 7 minutes of you conducting in rehearsal and/or performance, and also your singing ability.
Scholars will carpool between accommodation in Hereford and Abbey Dore. Please indicate if you have a driver’s license, are willing to help with driving, and/or have a vehicle available during the course.
Special food requirements: